Shining hardwood floor

Whether you’re in a home or a commercial office building, if you have wood, you want it to look impressive. Strip and wax, restore and clean. Make your floor look fabulous and have everyone who sees it take notice. A stunning hardwood floor is just a phone call away.

Get friendly service from professionals that have been in the business for years. We can buff out tough stains and make an older floor look like new again.

Have your commercial and residential hardwood looking good with routine maintenance.

Commercial and residential hardwood care

• Buffing

• Polishing

• Cleaning

• Floor stripping

• Waxing

• Hardwood cleaning

It is easy to get that old antique floor looking new when you consult with experts who know how to restore and clean these types of products. We are antique floor specialists that know how to take care of floors that date back to the early 1800's. That care includes paste wax and oiling to help your floors stay brilliant and ensuring they continue to stand the test of time.

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Keep your wood pristine

Trust the pros with your floors

Common hardwood services:

Do you have an antique floor that you want to look new?